Bridal Babes Fitness

women running


Preparing for your wedding in the months leading up to it, and especially the actual weekend of the wedding, can bring on an incredible amount of stress. Did you know that one of the best stress relievers is exercise?!

Bridal Babes Fitness is a fitness program offered by A Day at the Beach. We will work with you to create a customized workout and nutrition plan for the months leading up to your wedding, to ensure you’re both looking and feeling great for your wedding day.

At Bridal Babes, all levels of fitness are welcome. All exercises can be modified or scaled to your ability level, and we will work with you to make sure the workout is appropriate for you and your abilities.

We’ll work together to get you in great shape for your wedding day. We’ll finish the program off strong with a fun group workout class on the island the day before the wedding. The classes are ideal for the bride and her bridesmaids,  or even friends & family members who want to stay active while traveling! Classes are held in a small group format, which provides a fun, high energy environment, while still providing individualized attention and coaching.  Each class will consist of a warm up, movement review, workout, and cool down.

…and because no wedding event is complete without a celebration, mimosas will be provided after class as a wedding weekend kickoff, toasting to your health and happiness!

Contact us for rates and additional program information.

*Programs are designed by a CPR Certified L1-CF Trainer.