About Me


After being married on Bald Head Island in 2009, I immediately saw the need for a wedding coordinator specializing in Bald Head Island events. Soon after our wedding, I attended continuing education classes on wedding planning & business management, and I continue to seek out new training and knowledge whenever I can. This continued training, combined with my years of professional experience in customer service and management, has provided me with a strong foundation to build A Day at the Beach on. Now, after 5 years in business, I can honestly say I’ve found my passion. I love helping create an event with a design that expresses you as a couple while at the same time navigating all the unique intricacies of Bald Head Island!

Ready to get started?

Bald Head Island has been a part of my life for over 20 years. When I first started coming here, there was no grocery store, no hardware store, no clothing stores–nothing, really. Just a small shop called the Ship’s Chandler, where you could get a gallon of milk and a newspaper.

My mother, my sister, and I all have a love for list-making. I wonder if this is hereditary or learned?

There is nothing I love more than the beach. It is the place I feel most at peace with myself and the world.

I love LOVE, and I love helping you find the best way to celebrate you and your partner’s love for each other.

I can’t carry a tune for the life of me, but it doesn’t stop me from singing along (loudly).

I believe in ice cream cones. No matter how bad things get, if you have an ice cream cone in your hand, all hope is not lost.

I love to experiment in the kitchen, but I’m not the neatest cook. My husband refers to me as Messy Jessie.

My love of both health & fitness and kitchen experimentation led me to start my food blog, PaleoScaleo, where I show you that just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious!

I attended the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC and quickly realized you could fall in love with a place just as much as you could a person. I moved back in December of 2010, and it is still everything I remember it to be.

I have ridiculously cold feet in the wintertime. A lot of the time even if they are in socks and wrapped in a blanket, they never get warm.

I love to play…games, sports, playgrounds, whatever. I love the feeling that, if even just for a little while, you can forget about your adult responsibilities.

I met my husband in a bar. I was his waitress, and he left me a 100% tip and his phone number. I never called the numbers that were left on receipts, but I called his. Once we talked, he said he’d never left his number on a receipt before.