Is The Landlord Responsible for Pest Infestations? 

In any property, pest issues can arise. Even though you have not experienced any type of pest infestation before, it’s quite useful to understand what you need to do. This will help you prepare for any unfortunate situations of pest infestations, especially on a rental property.  

For those who don’t know, a pest infestation is a case where any type of pest infiltrates your property. This includes bedbugs, cockroaches, mice, and rats.  

Pets are a severe problem since they can cause illnesses and damage your house. The faster you detect the issue, the easier it is to fix.  

However, what if you’re looking for a property to rent in Hastings and found a pest infestation? Are you responsible for it? Is the landlord responsible? Let’s find out! 

Indications to Look For 

When handling a pest issue, it’s always better to tackle it as soon as possible. Thus, there are a couple of key indications to look out for if you’re worried your rental property might have a pest infestation.  

Signs of weird noises, smells, droppings, gnawing, and nesting are major indications that you might have a rodent infestation in your house, even if you have not noticed any rodent itself.  

Major indications that there might be bugs in your house are dead bugs in the basement and around windows, as well as damage to plant leaves.  

Should The Landlord be Responsible? 

The job of the landlord is to ensure a rental property is safe and fit to live in. This includes preventing pest infestations.  

It would be the responsibility of the landlord if the property requires repairs to stop pests from getting inside. The reason for this is that the landlord has failed to guarantee that the rental property is safe and fit to live in. then, the landlord would require to arrange and pay for the required repairs.  

To make things simple, it is typically the responsibility of the landlord to fix the issue, unless it’s clear that the direct cause of the problem is down to the tenant.  

Of course, there are a couple of exceptions to this. It’s vital to check the agreement of your tenancy as this can often outline who is responsible for the issue.  

Should The Tenant be Responsible? 

In general, the responsibility will fall to whichever party has caused the problem of the pests entering the rental property.  

For instance, it would be the fault of the tenant if they have failed to get rid of the garbage properly, which has then resulted in rodents infesting the property. Thus, it’s the responsibility of the tenant.  

What Do You Need to Do? 

It does not matter what the cause of infestation is. When facing a pest infestation, it’s best to call your landlord and inform them.  

Making sure you have excellent communication and a good relationship with the landlord will always help on these occasions.  

It means that you and your landlord can work with each other to sort out the problem. This makes the process a lot easier and quicker.